Our Mission

With ZIPPY we want to help cryptocurrencies break through in daily payment transactions. We want ZIPPY to be the place where you can do anything you want with your money.

Our Vision

Our mobile wallet will be intuitive to use and allow you to send cryptos to your phone contacts. In times where the central exchanges have lost trust, we want to create an unhosted wallet, which provides a new way of private key recovery. Our application should become the TWINT/PayPal of cryptocurrencies.

on usability and Security

Meet the team

Gian Brun Zippy

Gian Brun

CEO & Co-Founder

Chris Greter Zippy

Chris Greter

CFO, Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Niksa Zippy

Niksa Bogovac

CTO & Co-Founder

Andreas Räber

Design & UX

Robert Juhas

Software developer

Veljko Vucenic

Software developer

Baar office

Blegistrasse 13
6340 Baar | ZG